Development Trends in Space Propulsion Systems

 November 30th - December 01st 2017


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We are glad to announce that the plenary lecture will be delivered by Prof. Oskar J. Haidn - Head of Department of Technology and Deputy Director Research and Technology ,Institute of Space Propulsion, DLR Lampoldhausen.

We would like to warmly invite all interested participants to join the Polish Propulsion Industry Workshop which will be held during the second day of a conference (01.12.2017). The main topic of a meeting will be: Space Propulsion Systems - European needs vs. Polish capabilities. High level specialists such as Ferran Valencia Bell (ESTEC-ESA), Adam Okninski (ILOT), Priya Fernando (Airbus Defence and Space), Urlich Gotzig (Ariane Group) and Stephen Airey (ESA representative for the Polish Inncentive Scheme) have already confirmed their attendance. 


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